Business Advisory Services
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Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

We are committed to providing entrepreneurs with a competitive edge.


Consulting Services for Business:


We offer a full spectrum of business advisory services to help you make strategic decisions. Our consulting offerings cover a comprehensive array of business issues, from entity selection to succession planning. We work with you in partnership to ensure you make informed decisions based on accurate data and insightful advice.


We offer these services and more:


Business Entity Selection — We assist you with entity selection (e.g. S-Corporation, Sole Proprietor, LLC, etc.) as well as help you understand the far-reaching tax implications of each.


Financial and Management Reporting —It is essential that financial reports should be concise, easy to read, and free from unnecessary clutter. Key operating statistics, trends, and financial narratives are key supplemental data to reviewing and understanding the results of financial operations.


Cash Flow, Financing, and Forecasting —Cash is the life blood of your business. Though many look solely to the cash balance when making purchasing decisions, this lack of insight will often result in disaster. Careful attention should be paid to trends, days in receivables, accounts receivable turnover, and accounts payable. Careful analysis is essential when making important monetary decisions.


Business & Segment Analysis —Understanding key financial internal ratios, calculation of full-time equivalents and staffing by division, are an integral part of understanding what makes your business tick. It allows business owners to ascertain key operational data and analysis of the business down to the lowest controllable denominator.


Business Transaction Planning —We guide you in such areas as Buy vs. Lease, how to structure your business, minimizing tax obligations, and maximizing cash flow.


Business Succession Planning —Our professionals will guide you on creating a thorough plan for transitioning out of your business.


Tax Planning & Compliance —Tax laws continuously change adding layers of complexity, requiring a clear understanding of the rules. The fair and judicious application of tax law will ensure your business and its operations are not unduly derailed, due to failure to adequately contemplate taxing regulations.


QuickBooks Support —Our staff can help you with everything from software setup and training to tune-ups and help with online backups.